Dear Everyone at WhiteStone Care,

I would like to thank every member if staff that looked after, cared for my granddad Michael in his last few months. I’m so grateful and I couldn’t thank you enough, caring for him made it easier for both my family and my nan. I would like to say a special Thanks to Obe, as she ade sure he was comfortable in his final months and my nan is ever so thankful, I believe that Obe was more of a friend than a carer as she is a lovely lady with a big heart. She didn’t have to go out of her way to make sure everything was okay.

To all the carers who looked after my granddad – I want you all to know that he was very thankful to all of you as you all made him smile with your requests for hats from my nan and the way you’d brag to your friends about them.

I know my thanks don’t cut it for what you did for them, but it sure is a start. I think you all need to give yourself a pat on the back as it takes a lot of care for someone let alone someone you don’t, I’m grateful for all of you and I hope you carry on being the carers that I met and that my granddad loved having care for him.

Unfortunately we did say goodbye to him on the morning of 25th of March 2016. He was comfortable and not in pain, he passed away, not only with his family by his side and thanks to all the carers at WhiteStone Care it made easier as he got to stay at home until his final days, I sent my personal thanks on behalf of myself and all my family.

You all did a great job day in day and day out and I wouldn’t have wanted his last few months to have been any different and I’m so glad that you all cared for him. Once again I would like to say Thank You for looking after Michael Willoughby.

Many thanks
Rebecca Salter
Miachel Willoughby’s Granddaughter